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Theme Word


In early 2017 I was invited to choose a Theme Word to define the essence of what I wanted to experience and create during the coming year. The Theme Word could be supported by four more words, that would underpin and enrich it.

I loved the process, and spent a good while reflecting on which essences I wanted to both welcome, and explore, in my ongoing development. I then placed copies of the Theme Word and supporting words in places where I could see them often – on my bedroom mirror; on the bathroom mirror; on my Vision Board in my study.

This year, I have repeated the process. The Theme Word came to me quickly, and the supporting words were also not far behind. I would love to share them with you, and then invite you to choose your own personal Theme Word to highlight this next exciting year-chapter ahead!


  • an overwhelming feeling of great happiness or joyful excitement
  • any heightened state of consciousness
  • also used more specifically to denote states of awareness of non-ordinary mental spaces, which may be perceived as spiritual

 (Wikipedia, Google)

I am opening myself more and more to the pure joy of just being, here and now. How could I describe the experience of stepping out into my garden in the early hours of the morning, watching the sun rise, hearing the birds greeting the day… and absolutely knowing that I AM adored, just the way I AM. Knowing that All Is Well when I allow it to be. I am filled with an overwhelming feeling of great happiness! I am also focusing on strengthening my intuition and learning to trust the answers I receive when I ask Great Questions – heightening my state of consciousness.

My second Theme Word is: Assumption

  • a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof
  • the action of taking on power or responsibility
  • “Your assumptions determine not only what you see but also what you do. Your assumption is the hand of God moulding the firmament into the image of that which you assume. The assumption of the wish fulfilled is the high tide which lifts you easily off the bar of the senses where you have so long lain stranded.”

(Google, The Power of Awareness-Neville Goddard)

I am reminded that all we create starts first in the unseen realms, in our imagination. Visualisation is the key to creation – when I am diligent in placing my focused attention on the goal ahead, magic truly happens. What I focus on, visualise, assume to be real – will be so.

The next Theme Word is: Hineni

  • Hineni: a powerful word in Hebrew
  • Here I AM. Send Me!
  • A way of expressing total readiness to give oneself – an offer of total availability


What higher calling could I answer to, than to be of service to my Creator, the Source of my Being? I am ready just as I Am. I remember years ago being overwhelmed by the realisation that in my healing role, each person that came to me would receive exactly what they came for – no matter which ‘modality’ I chose to offer. I still trust this implicitly. May I always offer the Highest Version of myself and my Capacities.

My Fourth Theme Word: Avra Kehdavra

  • from the Aramaic phrase avra kehdavrameaning“I will create as I speak”. The source is three Hebrew words, ab (father), ben (son), and ruach acadosch (holy spirit). It’s from the Chaldean abbada ke dabra, meaning “perish like the word”
  • Several folk etymologies are associated with the word: from phrases in Hebrew that mean “I will create as I speak”, or Aramaic “I create like the word”


Words have vibrational power. May my words be a source of Blessing to those who receive them. May I speak carefully, knowing that words have the power to create, and to destroy. May I direct power through my words – power to heal, power to love, power to create, power to comfort and power to encourage reflection. May the Earth and my World and my Garden receive the words of Blessing I create when I sing.

The final Theme Word: Blessing

  • the act or words of one that blesses
  • a thing conducive to happiness or welfare
  • something that helps you or brings happiness


While the dictionary definitions above are true to the word, my desire to focus on this Theme Word stems from my direct experience of receiving and sharing Blessing as described here:

“The warmth of Blessing is an experience of the flow of Universal Love through the emotional body. The flow of Blessing forms the primal bond that is rightly established during infancy and is renewed, repaired and strengthened during a person’s life.

Blessing dispels internal discord, disillusionment and low self-esteem. It leads to peace, confidence and joy.

Blessing connects a person to others and to the circle of life all around them. Blessing also connects the outer aspects of the human experience to the source of love, wisdom and life within each person.

Initiation into an experience of Blessing is a healing of the profound disconnection that so many people feel – disconnection from others, from the world around them, and from themselves.

Blessing is an experience you cannot think yourself through, though once you know the formula, you can consciously allow it to transpire.

Once you receive the gifts of Blessing they become available for you to share. You gain the ability to initiate others into the flow of Blessing for themselves.”

I am open to receiving Blessing; in so doing I bring Blessing into my world.

(With grateful thanks to David Karchere  and


Which Theme Word will you choose for this new cycle?


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