Two Most Essential Questions

2015-06-20 15.53.48Aha! Moments don’t always hit you over the head like a sledge hammer. Sometimes a realisation grows with quiet certainty, until it becomes defined as “I get it!” This happened for me during the course of the past week.

Since I can remember I have loved reading and writing stories. In more recent years this love of creative writing led me to learn about Blogging. I invested in and completed countless online courses and webinars which fed my yearning to learn more, to express myself and to share my knowledge and ideas.

Somewhere in all of this, life became busy, priorities shifted, I wrote less and less.

I lost my ‘WHY’.

I have a number of people to thank for nudging me back onto my Passion Path. This week, one of them was Ray Higdon, the presenter of the blogger’s course The 3 Minute Expert.

Ray was talking about the I.L.T. method.

We are our greatest investments. For our own growth and nourishment we need to Invest in ourselves – attending courses, seminars and relevant events. We need to seek out coaching and mentoring. In this way we are Investing and Learning , enhancing our own personal growth and prospering.

Then we need to Teach what we have learned.

When we attend events and take notes, what value do we place in our study notes? Do we throw them in a corner after the course or event, or do we study and learn from them?

The Two Most Essential Questions that arise are:

  • What will I implement?
  • What will I teach?

You see, Ray Higdon believes that the notes that you take and don’t teach are un-cashed checks.

I realise that I have hours and hours of hand written notes, worth literally millions of dollars. At least a few readers may find some of this information inspiring or interesting.

My Aha! Moment? I could possibly help someone else to experience an Aha! Moment of their own just by sharing what I have learned.

If this has been helpful to you, please share and re-post.

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