Immense Relief as Migraine Headache Aborted!

Have you ever had a migraine headache that seems to split your head in two, with sharp searing knife-like stabbing? Just the memory of it makes one shudder!

The migraine has distinct phases – that sinking feeling when you feel it building up. Oh no. Not again. Why now? The progression seems inevitable unless you can nip it in the bud with heavy duty analgesics. Sometimes, you just don’t get to avert it.

Then you have to endure the aching body muscles, the nausea, the floating through no-man’s land while the wretched thing takes on a life of its own. Hunker down, keeping quiet and still, hoping ‘it’ will somehow not take too much notice of you curled like an embryo waiting for the labour contractions to end – to deliver you from this awful state of existance.

The post-drome is equally tiresome. Feeling like you have lost your capacity to think or reason – mind foggy and brain fatigued. Muscles aching as if you had run a marathon, then a triathalon, back to back. This can take a couple of days to pass.

Does this sound familiar?

Imagine my delirious delight when I managed to ABORT a migraine last week, in a completely unexpected way!

Natural Pain Relief
PowerStrips – a patented fusion of Modern Energy and Ancient Herbs

This is my ‘selfie’ of the PowerStrip I placed over my greatest tension area, before I took two regular panadol tablets and went to lie down. After an hour I woke – and the migraine was GONE! No residual headache, no residual muscle tension or brain fog and fatigue. I had to believe it – because I experienced it first hand. I kept the PowerStrip in place for the recommended 48 hours, and felt its comforting warmth as it worked wonders.

If you, or anyone close to you, would benefit from knowing more about the natural pain relief and energy giving properties of PowerStrips (FDA listed Class 1Medical Device), please leave me a comment below with your email address.

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What MakesYou Feel All Right?



Do you feel All Right?
It is Okay to Feel the Way you Feel

It is All Right to express ourselves

A pack of coloured IT’S ALL RIGHT postcards landed on my work desk a while ago, and I love the way I feel when I flip through them.

I have them spread out in front of me now, as I write, fanned like a Tarot spread. Each has a phrase that reflects current thoughts and feelings generated by Cantabrians since our world turned topsy turvy in the aftermath of the numerous Christchurch earthquakes.

So much has changed – buildings, landscapes and most of all, people. We all have something to offer, hence the birth of All Right?

What is All Right?

  • It is a social marketing campaign designed to help us think about our mental health and well being
  • It’s about helping people realise that they’re not alone, encouraging them to connect with others, and supporting them to boost their well being
  • It is about ensuring well being is at the heart of our recovery

Who is behind All Right?

All Right? is a Healthy Christchurch project that is being led by the Mental Health Foundation and the Canterbury District Health Board, helped and supported by the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Social Development and SKIP, and the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority.

The ALL RIGHT postcards have a statement on the front, and  some suggestions on the back to help us generate ideas on how we can respond to the feelings we have named. Today, these are the ones that ‘speak to me’, telling me it is ALL RIGHT to feel the way I do!


Everyone has good days, and then others that are more challenging. At times it can be hard to deal with all the challenges that come our way. When feeling overwhelmed, know that it’s all right, and remember to build on what is going well, and release the things that are holding you back.

Think of something you have always wanted to learn or do, and feel all right to give it a go. Learning new things is a proven way to help us feel good. Commit to doing something active once a week with a friend or family member. Go for a walk, a run or a bike ride and be kind to your body.

What are the things YOU could do to feel All Right, when it all feels a bit much?


Wondrous Moments transport us
It is All Right to get caught up in a wondrous moment

Taking time to notice helps us to feel All is Right in our World

It’s All Right to get caught up in a wondrous moment


Moment of Wonder
Each moment promises to be a Moment of Wonder


Our hope for our future is vital for the recovery of our city, and for ourselves. How can we instill the feeling that it’s all right to feel positive? How can we become more actively involved in the things that excite us?

By giving something to someone else, no matter how small, we can help to restore their optimism. We could volunteer our time and energy. This also helps us to make a real difference and connect with new people, which is all right too.

What things could you do to give something back, without concern for the rewards?

While we are feeling in a positive place, we could be encouraged to consider who else could also benefit from us feeling All Right. We could check on our friends and neighbours and offer to lend a hand in small ways. Everyone appreciates a little help, and giving to others makes us feel good too.

Practice mindfulness – sit quietly in a busy place and notice the people, sounds and smells that remind us to savour the moment and reflect on All that is Right in our world.

What things can YOU do to share the Good Stuff that you are feeling?

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