The Importance of Freedom


Why Freedom is Important

All Forms of Freedom are Important

WHY is Freedom important to me? I am so fortunate to live in a country where I have many forms of Freedom which I have come to take for granted. I have the Freedom to live where I like – I choose to live in a house in a beach side suburb, in a medium sized city. This location fills me with joy. I can walk or run along the beach, or along the estuary paths nearby, or through the extensive park lands. My home itself is a sanctuary. I have the Freedom to decorate and furnish it the way I choose, to express my personality and provide me with comfort.

I have the Freedom to think the way I do, and to express myself how I choose to. This could be through spoken words, writing, singing or silent pondering. I can dress according to the seasons, and have the Freedom to buy or make my own clothes in styles that are pleasing to me. I also have the Freedom to express myself through my actions – tending my own garden paradise, spending time with family and friends, interacting with those who make up the communities and networks that I am part of.

I have the Freedom to be Me.

In order to fully embrace my WHY, I realise that I also yearn for the Freedom to generate a means of sustaining myself and my lifestyle so that I can expand my Freedom – to travel to visit friends, family and places of interest; not to worry about having to ask an employer whether I may take leave from work. I want the Freedom to offer my WHY out to the wide world, unfettered by borders and constraints that I feel impose upon my Freedom to do so.

Have you had any thoughts recently on Freedom, and why it is important to you?

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